Cron jobs using sidekiq in ruby on rails


😇 Well hello, and welcome back. In this article, we’ll discuss parallel execution and background processing of heavy tasks. An awesome developer like you does often write some mundane tasks to run in the background every night or so but you also want an army of elves to take control…

Don’t worry its just a version of typical corporate employee…

It’s a design pattern article and is independent of language you implement it into.


So, Service Objects, seems fancy, right? Well let me tell you this is what you have been doing all along in a slightly un-organized way. Don’t take it in a bad way, we already established in…

You are a developer full of joy and enthusiasm toward changing the world, writing ninja codes driving million-dollar businesses every day. And, then you have to write codes for displaying customer/products/orders data in a table and you spend a month writing pagination, sorting, searching, async fetching and blah-blah. …

Enums in Ruby on Rails

After so long, active again. Let’s have a look at beloved ActiveRecord this time. It packs up too much to be covered in simple glance, one such feature is interpretation of enums in rails. Enums are nothing more than an array technically in other languages but here its high on…

Bringing some order to the chaos of the CSS world.

top best css frameworks

Why do we even need CSS frameworks?

First of all, let's give some thought to what’s so special about frameworks and what makes them different from libraries.

Libraries: We give you features, it's your will to use them the way you like.
Frameworks: We give you features as well as rules on how to use them.


Sameer Kumar

Currently working as Senior Ruby on Rails engineer at Sedin Technologies, India. I love Coding, Travelling and Teaching. Call me world's happiest engineer. 😇

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